The Walking Rope, a new concept in child safety

Ruban de promenade sur passage pour piétonsThe Walking Rope© enables those responsible for groups of children to take them walking in complete safety.

Each child holds on to a handle for the duration of the walk. One adult takes the front handle and another adult or child follows up the rear by holding the last handle.

Trials in real-life situations have shown that children are keen to hold on to the walking rope and not to let it go.

Where and when to use it ?

- For any excursion with a group of children aged 2 to 8.
- On the public highway, in museums, in stations, on school trips, etc.
- Where a group is walking through a crowded area.

Which model to choose ?

  • Up to 16 children: one rope (sold as a set with bibs and a storage bag) is sufficient.
  • From 17 to 30 children: two ropes, which can be joined together using clips..


The walking rope are sold as complete sets containing:



  • A fluorescent yellow rope for 14 to 16 children
  • An adult bib (XL)
  • A child bib (4-6 years)
  • A storage bag with shoulder strap.
Price of the complete set : 55 € incl. VAT + carriage.
  • Order by e-mail at [email protected]
  • Payment by bank transfer to account no. ING 363-0470942-47

The advantages of the Walking Rope©

Keeping the crocodile safe

  • The crocodile is kept tight and orderly.
  • Crossing roads is less dangerous, as it is easier and quicker.
  • The crocodile is easily visible owing to the fluorescent bibs worn by the accompanying adult at the front and the child or other adult at the rear of the line.
  • The line can no longer by broken by other pedestrians

The rope encourages teachers to take their children out of the school grounds

The Walking Rope© stops children wandering off from their teachers or supervisors, thus reducing the risk of them becoming lost.

It is no longer necessary for several adults to accompany the crocodile: one adult at the front and possibly another at the rear are sufficient.

Child-like simplicity

  • Easy and quick to set up (lay the rope on the ground and stand the children in their place beside the handles)
  • Easy to store (storage bag supplied with the set)
  • Light and robust
  • The children can let go the rope at any time in the event of danger (no wrist attachment)

Teacing aid :

The Walking Rope© can be used to learn about traffic hazards, teach road safety and instil responsibility and discipline when walking on public roads.

Description of the Walking Rope©:

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Walking Rope is the result of extensive research and trials aimed at producing a simple product, suitable for all circumstances.

The rope is made of very strong “parachute” fabric. The handles on the sides of the rope are plastic and attached with reinforced seams..

Each end of the rope has a longer handle for an adult at the front and a child (or adult) at the rear..

There are clip fasteners at the end of each rope to enable them to be attached to another rope if required. The Walking Rope can thus be easily adapted to the number of children on the walk..

The bibs supplied with the rope comply with European standard EN 471: this standard specifies the essential colours and retroreflective properties for high-visibility clothing in order to provide maximum visibility, in daylight and at night, in all circumstances (surface area of the fluorescent materials and retroreflectors, quality of the retroreflector materials, etc.)..

Comments from teachers

  • Madame Anne :
    Ecole maternelle, région de Liège

    "The Walking Rope is quick to set up: you don’t waste time preparing for your walk. If a child falls over, all the children stop together."

  • Madame Anick :
    Deuxième primaire, région de Hasselt

    "The children quickly understand how the rope works and most importantly accept it as an indispensable accompaniment. I can hurry them along by pulling gently on the handle!"