Safety on the road !

Our products make excursions with groups of children aged 2 to 12 years easier and safer.

  • Ruban de promenade

    Walking rope

    Each child holds on to a handle for the duration of the walk. A teacher or other responsible person takes the front handle and another adult or child follows up the rear by holding the last handle.

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  • Wristband for children

    ID wristbands so easy to use for your holidays ! Write your telephone number on the bracelet and place it to your kid's wrist. Multi purpose and multi use: at the beach, at school, during a walk…

  • Agnès MartinRuebambelle, an idea developed by a mother

    Agnès Martin is a mother of three children aged 11, 7 and 3. Several years’ work went into developing this practical walking rope, which is both robust and easy to use..

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  • Initiatives supported by the Belgian Road Safety Institute (IBSR)

    Visibility, a tight group, easier to supervise, these are the key features which distinguish our products and the reason Ruebambelle is supported by the Belgian Road Safety Institute.

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Order online

Schools, nurseries and children’s organisations can order our safety products by email or telephone. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal. Shipped by post on receipt of payment.

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More than 45 schools put their trust in us !

Visibility, a tight group, easier to supervise, these are the key features...

Environmentally friendly

Our products are robust, durable and manufactured locally. They encourage walking and enable children to be taken to and from school on foot.

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